Ten Haikus to Smile Fiercely

The rich get richer

And the poor get poorer too

Where are the heroes?

Superbowl Sunday

They displace homeless so that

The fans don’t see them.

Care not Cops we cry

Housekeys not Handcuffs we shout

Find some empathy.

Everyone is rich

I thought I was so special

Now I’m dropped like trash.

I still find treasure

That I hold on to so tight

It is deep within.

Everyone’s rich here

On TV except for the

Invisible poor.

Words make me smile

While I work to pay the rent

Every day there is hope.

In my heart I sigh

Knowing that free moments pass

I shiver and weep.

We will survive here

Even as prices go up

We live laugh and love.

Ten Haikus I write

To stomp out fear and sorrow

To smile fiercely.

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