From Fire Comes Life

Across the barren landscape, the charred and wrecked hillsides, blackened and disfigured by a firestorm that swept across California in the weeks prior to a Thanksgiving eve rainfall, one can see, not much more than a month later, that life reemerges from the ash, dust, and burnt embers.  From the wreckage and fire, the skies choked with smoke, the forests ablaze, the homes destroyed, the metal melted, from a dry and brittle forest of sage and brush, the occasional oak tree sprawling its ancient limbs to shade and protect a dry river bed transformed to a blackened range of ash and earth- with the healing power of water and time, the first green shoots have re-emerged from the ash.  Could this be a parable somehow; of our own lives, our own cities and social relations, our civilization itself?  Make it what you will.  Below is the youtube premiere of an adventure in this wasteland, to find the beauty and hope amidst the charred remains of wreckage and the aftertaste of a destructive fire.

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