Nine Poems of Renewal



Beyond the flavor of the day

The pretensions of illusions thrust

Cut off obscene angelic forms

Meandered thoughts and sacred space


To call this livelihood a sham

To stare and pray to some incandescent flicker

Our worlds inhabited by a sequence of sordid swipes

These bitter leaves these thorns and forms


Porous singed skin a quiet gasp

We burn it down and let flowers grow

On the shattered plains of asphalt slabs


For roses grow they sprout and bloom

Mature and flower wither and die

And decompose and plant anew

Between the cracks of hope and lies


So much rage and pain and ghosts in time

But here we breathe and gasp and sigh

And cleave to wounds and forms and things

And live our lives as if we’ll die


For life and risk a sacred act

To pierce the veil the drones illusions grasp

And truth its pain skeletal flowers

Will fertilize a minds’ eye lapsed


A field a cricket a cold ensemble

A thicket field a butterfly bed

An unrest that tremors loses its hand

Beyond some stammering eerie stagnant dread


So if destruction on tired thrusts would land

The blow proportionate to the frustrated rage

The life within without to be reborn

And sing a song and turn the page



A Green New Deal


In some dark dreary illusion

Some cataclysmic rite

A tower of babel extending

Up beyond the clouds and sight


A murmur a shape here

A recorded burst

A word left unspoken

A violet burned mush


In that eloquent fixture

Some cold emblems dirt

An empathetic mixture

An insipid hurt


Some thought form elusive

Forever beyond sight

And as we were speaking

Its order burned bright


Some lamp here a fixture

Snuffed out at noon

And the daylight it shines through

The darkness and gloom


American seizes

In eclectic shakes

Elliptical seizures

That time zones create


For what I’d suppress here

What words were stillborn

Some dead flesh and sinews

And an umbilical cord


For those thought fields that numb minds

Forever pulsate

But hope is as eternal

As our renewal creates


Don’t judge me too harshly

I’ll reach to understand

And clasp your clammy fingers

And sweaty moist hand


This grime and this dirt its

What bring us to earth

To ground us in humbled

Debt to our birth


For born of this world here

Sustained and then die

To claim it so arrogant

So sad what a lie


For as the western frontier here

Is bitter with pain

The carcass of buffalo nature

and human remains


A song of spread suburbs

Oh black asphalt plains

America will grow free

When it’s the home of the brave


A rose born of concrete

Helicopters and shrieks

Blood strewn sirens echo

Like gunshots in these streets


But that rose it grew vibrant

Despite tatters and thorns

An end in itself

Life meant to be adored


No calf bronze or golden

No stock market soars

No salute to napalm

Or atomic scourge


No this world isn’t ours here

To beat and abuse

Its God the one only

Through which were subsumed


If eagles and hawks once

More freely could fly

Then American clearly

Will be here in our eyes


Yes brothers and sisters

Together well stand

A new deal is coming

Across this great land




Remorse and Redemption


For what the world my heart did yearn

To sit in silent peace

The cars did roar the bullets fly

To tombstones all did cease


For where or all some quiet tune

A murmur to beseech

And cry out loud for my lost youth

Innocence out of reach


And if love we could start anew

To start over again

Id kiss the indent above your top lip

Hold hands and call you friend


We’d sit in parks hold hands and talk

Your throbbing heart in mine

And some rhythmic trace of my soul with yours

Complete when intertwined


Its been so long here wandering off

In woods and city streets

In trash strewn alleys where junkies fiend

Eyes glaring in sundered shrieks


But why I cry and reminisce

A sloven disheveled mess

I dream someday I could start once more

And give it all my best


So no matter where out there I’d roam

No matter what I’ll find

The thought of you follows me still

Some echo of the divine




A Ramadan Evening in Hawthorne, California


For in some trance

Beyond the race

A still paralyzing fear


To rush and roll

Out of control

To still an inept veneer


To shatter that power

Hour to hour

That emulsifies and sits


But to a place

Cordoned disgraced

Humiliating shifts


To sift about

Down towards the mouth

Of some terrible prickly beast


An angels wings

Swoop down are singed

Rise flapping in rhythmic beats


A cloud on high

Beneath the sky

That pain to suffer call


A victims rage

A behavior made

An oppressor to oppress us all


I hope one day

To describe the way

Of what it for me was like


Iftar we break

And bread we make

In Space X’s shadowy sight


In Hawthorns burgeoning aerospace hangers

To occupy mars and moon

But what about the earth can we

Save ourselves from certain doom


I love you.  Amen.






Between the curbs the lines

cascading down tired occult silent shadows

slinking across the night.


Murdered mayhem morbid confusion

distracted animated time:


And if these hopes could assail fear

And press your healing across my back


Inhale your nurturing love and tears

And together balanced against all attack


I’d kiss you deep exhale and breathe

Your pulsing soul that spirits reach


Oscillate within each life form seized

With love and joy beyond all speech


For words these longing whimsical prayers

Cast out into the ether’s grasp


In murmured echoes the abyss it stares

With terrors memories an indifferent past


Bust some flare some spark, no could it be!

That an ear could bend, you towards me.






Return to Nature


So time itself through screeching halts

And belching metal clangs

Through wooded glens so still serene

The police gun sirens refrain


The hydraulic press the mufflers roar

The bombs bursting deified might

The wild amused times tricks and treats

A momentary blight


A human refrain for what remains

Some silent defining hiss

Fear and power shame and pride

The emotions tugging at this


For a quiet mind in peace we’d find

Strength to shake all heavens gates

And hells fiery depths from which we’ve leapt

A searing shuddering escape


A silent vowel a word a phrase

A number climbing steep

Some dimension of time some peace I’ll find

To pause it all and think


Empty my mind of these auditory assaults

The advertisements scream

And to look once more at natures chorus

Meadows lilies of flowering dreams


But in that grateful loving time

Disturbed by some thundering drone

It snorts and grunts I shrug enough!

Of your shining and screeching tones


I’d much rather be in wind swept air

With butterflies and bees

With a kindred soul up on mountain heights

To commune amidst the trees


A slave to time three minute rhymes

And nine to five – enough!

One day they say we’ll awake I pray

My people have had enough


And you and I quivering and shy

Alone without these screens

Hover close to kiss your sweet unadulterated lips

And revere the quiet spaces in between




Relations Unmediated


There will be a day that we will meet

And brush our feet in soft sweet grass

And brush aside those walls of thorns

That hide our past defend the self


I had a dream that outside these walls

Our hidden hovels our cellphone screens

We’d dance in forests green and damp

And to the leaves and bark would sing


To unleash the spirit from its chains

And the mountains and sea would unveil a path

A place where one could breathe the rushing air

That no time clock brand or code constrains


Free of measured time and egos spent

In some clear fresh place to love and reflect




Know Where


And if these thoughts that form from joy and grief

Could form a word infused with gratitude

Delivered as a humble gift a treat

Like ice cream tasted on hot parched tongues does soothe


You shook the false beliefs that held me numb

I spun and whelped jumping in joyous glee

My brain it froze my thoughts they raced I’m stunned

I stumbled running like an inmate escaping freed


For you it seems have a blessing and a curse

To though your piercing eyes of hazel flame

Unshackle souls from self-inflicted hurt

With curt retorts to lance all lies and shame


And of your curse to feel what others feel

I pray for you that you love and joy’s revealed






And in some place a rainy day

For what these words I write might say

I hope that you are dry and safe

While from some corners edge I race


To find a tinge of empathy

To kiss your lips and let you be

To hold you tight as drizzle falls

To rock back and forth to share my all


To feel your heartbeat in my breast

To laugh and love with all the rest

To share and think that we might sink

Into one pulse a beat in time

A common soul humans kind


But while these words these husks this phrase

Could not do justice to psyches frayed

Nor broken hearts nor shuddered tears

Remorse nor longing across the years


While nothing I do or say or think

Could equal the sight of your eyes fixed

I pray that in my abject despair

Ill be worth some laugh or half-hearted care


These shattered hopes and half flung dreams

Thrown at the gates of fates cruel schemes

All meanings worth and purposed goals

Stale and brittle when hearts froze cold


So I wish and pray that for us one day

Wed put aside our guises and defenses

And be able to trust each other with compassion and understanding

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