Interview with Chicago Special Education Teacher and CTU E-Board Member Katie Osgood

Interview with Chicago Teachers Union Executive Board Member and CPS Elementary School Special Education teacher Katie Osgood.

It’s July 31st, 2019. It’s mid-summer in the City of Chicago, and something is blowing in the wind. Chicago’s Congress Parkway has been renamed for American investigative reporter Ida B. Wells, whose documentation of lynchings of American blacks and solidarity with Jewish immigrants fleeing Russian Cossack terrorism led her to become an American Folk Hero.

On this sunny Chicago day, blocks from the lakefront in leafy Hyde Park, a few blocks from a former home of Louis Farrakhan, and a few blocks from the University of Chicago, where at the site of the Regenstein Library, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi first split an atom in the first human-made nuclear chain reaction, Special Education teacher Katie Osgood reflects on seven years a Chicago teacher, the struggle of black students in Chicago, and building a more perfect union, so that We The People can make right what was wrong, straighten the crooked, and all sing a song of the American Dream.

In this amazing interview you’ll hear Katie speak on union negotiations, Langston Hughes, and how labor strikes are like any muscle:  you got to keep working out to get strong and stay fit.  Katie is ready to hit the gym.  Listen!  

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