A Poem for Democracy

Once upon a time

In a land far away

There was some people that gathered

And here one got up to say


I’ll tell you my brothers

and sister and sons

We’ve got to stick together

To undone what’s done


We’ve got to stand for something

In a world of mischief and lies

No matter deception

Illusions and lies


Our earth here this soil

Is black brown and red

And with water from rain

We’ll eat and be fed


Now chemical weapons

And electromagnetic rays

Will shake us and rattle

But we will not be phased


No brothers and sisters

On earth we’ll unite

Each day is our destiny

And here we will fight


Now people of all colors

There’s just one thing to do

To love one another

Black brown white red yellow too


My people my people

A human family

Sing a song of redemption

Of our fates destiny


My people my people

Don’t run hide or cry

We’re here for our mothers

For the kids left behind


There is a force on earth stronger

Than their guns bombs and fear

It’s the human spirit within us

Through which we’ll persevere


My people its time

To stand together as one

And bask in the rays

Of this marvelous warm sun


They walked the line in Chicago

In the heat rain and snow

So teachers could help their students

To learn love and grow


They walked out for the climate

For our future you see

Is more than quarterly profits

That chokes prosperity


They stand up for the children

That languish in camps

They were caged marching towards freedom

But they’ll forever advance


People why should we labor

Our whole lives used up?

They work us discard us

Like an empty paper cup


No why work for some slaver

Who really doesn’t care

Whips us with pride and desire

Fear scorn anger terror


I say let’s not fight each other

Degrade or humiliate

Nor hypnotize deceive

We must illuminate


Free thought a free planet

To think speak and write

It’s our essence humanity

That love for which we fight


Now a young girl in that crowd

She interrupted to chant

And in the hills a rose bloomed

Its scent sweet radiant


And the people together

They broke out in song

To lift each other together

To right what was wrong


The orator asked for quiet

And continued to talk

It was time soon to go out

To light up the dark


He said there is force on earth is greater

Than our will to survive

It’s our love life our purpose

Through which we are defined


See no dictator or scheme

Nor any paranoid dream

That could ever break a people

With the will to live free


And so with that people began marching

All together like one

They clapped and held hands

Under the blue sky and sun


And then terror it melted

Hearts warmed guns were dropped

And we all came together

Like good people aught


And from that land far away

That time long long ago

They’ll say people stood fighting for freedom

To liberate our human soul

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