A Few More Poems

Nine Poems Cast to the Wind


Oh Gd above

And all around

Save us here

Down on the ground

Blessed is Gd

The breath of life

Let’s breathe in deep

Both day and night

Blessed are we

Who do your work

There’s not a task

That we will shirk

Let’s build a world

Worthy of your name

And not fall trapped

In power games

Blessed are the families

That we hold tight

We love them such

Never lose sight

Blessed are the workers

Who labor each day

Struggling surviving

To earn their pay

Blessed are the crops

Which from the soil grow

Blessed is the water

Which from the mountains flows

Blessed is that water

That we may drink

Gd bless us here

Who on earth think

Blessed are farmworkers

Laboring in the heat

They sweat each day

That we may eat

And all the food workers

In warehouses and fields

They tire and toil

As we enjoy our meals

And to all the truckers

That carry big loads

They drive even fatigued

On dangerous roads

And to the grocery staff

On the front lines

Though bosses deem you essential

Then leave you behind

We value your labor

Dedication and skill

Without you we’d have nothing

We wouldn’t be filled

So blessed are the crops

That grow from the ground

And those who cultivate plant

And harvest year round

Blessed are the workers

Who take so many risks

Put their lives on the line

So we can comfortably live

And blessed is Gd

Creator of all

Of the sun and the stars

Compared to which we’re so small

I love you my brothers

My sisters my friends

As we eat and give thanks

Let’s all say amen


If the stars

               Lost their shimmer

                              And the moon

                                             Lost its pale

If my love

               That I have lost

                              Slipped slowly

                                             Behind a veil

If this sad

sad commotion

                              The concatenation

                                             Of all days

Was compressed

               In an instant

                              And forever

                                             Thrown away

I would still

               Feel this longing

                              Deep inside

                                             Of my chest

I would still

               Hope you hear this

                              I give you

                                             All my best

If the sun

               Stopped its shining

                              And city lights

                                             Just went out

I’d keep the flame

               Of love burning

                              Deep inside

                                             Of my heart

Oh my love

               Where did you go

                              How your memory

                                             Slowly fades

How I long

Baby to see you

               To touch you once

                              For a day

If a new love

               Somewhere could find me

                              Way out there

                                             In this world

I will still

               Hear you calling

                              You’ll always

                                             Be my girl

A Poem in the Pandemic

The world in its glory

Seems dangerous I’m afraid

From COVID-19

I run and escape

People getting sick

But for some not so bad

We do have vaccines

And for that I am glad

I’m stuck in front of this screen

And that I don’t like

I’m postponing my dreams

The virus gives me fright

Schools have reopened

And Business continues

With more than five million in coffins

To be alive is so special

I wear a mask everywhere

And distance from all others

For long COVID beware

Damaged lungs which feel smothered

Should I just postpone life

Many friends say no way

Just don’t believe the hype

And live for today

There’s sensible risk

We’ve got to stay sane

So I’ll abandon ship

And leave home. No! Remain!

I can’t quite decide

I guess I’ll do a little

Public health on my mind

I feel it so visceral

I guess I’ll go out

And just wear a mask

Take a risk for my sanity

Just maybe perhaps


I want to see

I want to run

I want to shine

Just like the sun

I want to laugh

And to explore

I want to do

Oh so much more

My body creaks

I’m so very scared

I feel alone

In the world out there

Who here will hear

What I might think

A stranger, neighbor

To share a drink

To share a dream

And rebuild this world

Its dark and grey

And oh so cold

But with hope and cheer

With shining light

With the stars and moon

With bright delight

To work and play

To dream and dance

To surround with love

To kiss and hug

Oh tell me why

I’m stuck right here

Love love I call

Please come come near

May my heart sway

And dream and shout

And punch the devil

Right in the mouth

May freedom’s breathe

And stability

Find me willing able

Smiling gently

May deceit and harm

And tortured ways

Connive and shroud

Their secrets away

I want to care

And love again

To kiss the world

And call you my friend

To call out here

And jump for joy

To laugh and play

Again once more

May that cloud of haze

That covers our minds

Be lifted—pray

We wake alive

I don’t want to work

As a sacrificed slave

A service that’s sold

That someone else pays

Oh to run once again

Through hills I‘ll race

To dance by the water

Glance up at your face

To see you there smiling

Let’s hold on now tight

And lift up the day

Through the dark frightening night

Untitled 2

And if the sight of my eyes blurred vision rights

I’ll kiss the ground and pray to Gd around

And if you love could lay warm by me tonight

I’d kiss your lips softly whisper you sounds

And if the flashing lights and cell phone flickers stop

I’d watch the stars across the skyline arc

The moon and sun could then transform my time

They’d be the clock my rhyme with the divine

Love Poem #?

I’ll kiss your lips

And hold you tight

All through the dark

And dreadful night

I’ll make you laugh

And crack a smile

The glean in your eyes

Is all I’ll require

Your voice so sweet

And full of song

Greets me wakes me

At the break of dawn

To hold you here

Your palm in mine

Your pulse I’ll feel

A rush through my spine

Oh love where can

Oh where can you be

I want to see

You in front of me

Your hot moist tongue

Enwrapped in mine

We’ll wrestle and dream

Two spirits combined

Our thoughts engulf

Intellects play

Your wit and poise

Is on display

Alone I dream

Of what I could want

Where are you love

You’ve left your mark

And so I long

For a love postponed

Where I find you

I’ll be once more home

Rain drops

Across the thousand droplets of arching rain

Pale and trembling what’s the name

I see you see me we’re all the same

Sliced thin and silent silhouette frames

Don’t mock or call out in crass disdain

We’re all drops pouring down

Like the cold wet damp rain

A moment

Life is a slog

We rush through each day

And just as were done

It’s all thrown away

To work for a boss

To jump at commands

All my life rushes past

I just can’t understand

In the cracks in the sidewalk

There beauty can grow

In the pause in the workday

I can smile I know

There are moments so special

Where I can really be me

And love – be creative

Can you see? Yes I see!

In those moments of silence

Between the rushed orders and roar

There I can be human

Explore creation once more!

I Love You Earth

Broken love and that passion

That beats in your heart

My sister my mother

Our world torn apart

I remember your eyes open

Staring out so wide

That blue green hazel light

A soul astonished to rise

And your compassion and hope

And belief in each all

Was as strong as my hands

Were clammy clenched balls

For in my anxious fear

I shunned and turned away

And your anger it seethes

To this very day

This earth love I long for

from you I did breathe

I drank up out of your fountains

Plants supported my needs

The life that grew of your crevices

Tall mountains and wide depths

Sustained as for centuries

Your snow-capped white breasts

Now lady dear I regret it

Power lines and concrete snares

Across your bare flesh virgin forests

Your skin your back your hair

I’m sorry my sister

Your thought is on my mind

I thought I gained it all

The more I grasped in time

The closer I came to possess you

The further from me you fled

Until alone and then broken

I wept in my florescent bed

Oh love earth my Gaia

Your oil and minerals raped

But then violent weather bounced back

I was smacked and dazed awake

So for each mind’s eye shuttered

Each soul tempest tossed

I’ll push to bring back in balance

What we here love have lost

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