Sunday Poems

Rise Like the Sun

I rise like the sun

To meet the day

And then I am on my way

I go to sleep

And rest in peace

And dream that all this pain will cease

I yearn for love

Scramble and search

To find a soul to heal my hurt

I smile fierce

And laugh out loud

I raise my head and stand up proud

I wish in this world

That war would end

And all god’s people could be friends

So dream big dreams

And hope and shine

You are a part of the divine

The fire inside

We rise to work and jump at commands

Fear of hunger understands

The gas costs are rising and so is rent

We work and labor till we are spent

The precious weekend we hold dear

We keep our families tight and near

We pray for some comfort when we turn gray

And that our children see a brighter day

We’re hypnotized by cell phone screens

We cheer and shout at the TV

But there’s something we hold close in our chest

There we find the light that that never rests

Marvel at nature and god’s glory

Take a moment to breathe in all the hurry

Take a moment of solace in the maddening rush

There we find a purity they can’t corrupt

I love you my brothers and sisters and friends

In this morning before work I sing praise and say amen


In the peace of the silence

I prepare my resolve

To fix my gaze

And let the walls fall

To bring to this world

Some solace and life

To build a new world

To make all things nice

In the quiet moments

I laugh smiling out loud

Filled with joy of the wind

Whipping through the surging crowd

And so it begins

And birds start to sing

As time ticks so slow

I focus then go

A deep breathe

If time could tell

The pace of day

Id spread my wings

And flap away

If sunny days

Of life would bring

A smile here

Then I would sing

If Clorox bleach

And turpentine

Could clean my soul

Would you be mine?

If time would stop

And we could rest

Id take a deep

Inhaling breath

So carefully tread

On grass with bare feet

And sing melodies

So vey sweet


Words pour out of my pen

To heal my soul and make amends

For all the pain sliced and skinned

For all the regret where to begin

I will rise to heal my world

Just as this earth slowly turns

I will gather up my strength

Through our my legs and torso’s length

I will focus my thoughts and mind

And leave the fear and terror behind

I will give voice to a new day

And cast off the demons in my way

I will smile and show my teeth

And praise the earth beneath my feet

I will listen to the rush of air

Through the trees leaves and through my hair

I will bask in the rays of the sun

As stretch my feet to prepare to run

I will drink of the cool wet waters

And praise the rain that storms deliver

I will listen to my heart

And give thanks to life – a work of art


No More War

Battleships and bombs

Relentless propaganda

War is the new peace

Cant you understand now?

Aggressors and heroes


All the noise and confusion

It makes me so sick

Gas prices are rising

And our living standards fall

Workers pay the price

To maintain the empire’s walls

Who are the real heroes?

The peacemakers that sit

And sing praises to the world

And all life that exists

All religions and nations

All skin colors and race

We are one human people

Let’s end all the hate

One Love

To strengthen my will

To live life and thrive

To work and to give

All my love that’s inside

To hug and to kiss

My sweetheart today

And find emotions that calm

And dispel fear away

No more will we toil

Exploited and oppressed

Though I may labor and sweat

In my mind I rest

Though inflation and high prices

Tug at my pockets

With hate on the rise

Only love can really stop it

We have to trust each other

Find solidarity

Workers of all the world

Sing one melody

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